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LED 1x4 Troffer

LED 1x4 Troffer

LED 2x4 Troffer

Product Description:

The LED Troffer Series blends proven, revolutionary technology and refined styling to deliver beautiful light with benchmark efficacy, CRI, and lifetime. Simply put, these fixtures do more with less so you get the most out of your lighting.

Clean lines and soft light distribution create a sophisticated look that's anything butordinary. It's architectural styling is complimented by bright, beautiful light to reveal the true colors in your space while keeping the ceiling quiet. See it for yourself.


Technical Details:

  • Traditional Lighting Equivalents: 2' x 4' T5, T8, T12 fluorescent tube troffers

  • Typical Applications: drop ceiling troffer direct replacement

  • Installation: replace existing troffer, wire directly

  • Lumen Outputs: 2200 lm, 4000 lm, 5000 lm

  • CRI (color rendering index): 90+

  • Wattages: 22 watts, 36 watts, 44 watts, 50 watts

  • Step dimming standard, full dimming optional

  • Color Temperatures: 3000K (warm natural white), 4000K (bright natural white)

  • 17 year life if used 8 hours per day, 7 days per week

  • Contains no lead or mercury