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LED 1x4 Troffer

LED 1x4 Troffer
LED 1x4 Troffer


Product Description:

The LR20 is ideal for any application that requires high light output, great color rendering and well-aimed directional light. With its light weight, small size and standard E26 screw base, the LR20 is the perfect choice for any track or recessed lighting. The result is high-performance lamp perfect for accent and general illuminations that require the full-dimming capability and light output of halogen sources.


Technical Details:

  • Traditional Lighting Equivalents: 50 watt, 35 watt PAR 20 spot or flood lights

  • Typical Applications: recessed can lighting, track lighting, spot lights, flood lights

  • Installation: direct screw-in replacement

  • Lumen Outputs: 675 lm

  • Wattages: 12 watts

  • Beam Angle: 25, 40

  • Color Temperatures: 3000K (warm natural white)

  • 17 year life if used 8 hours per day, 7 days per week

  • Contains no lead or mercury