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LED 1x4 Troffer

LED T8. Non Ballasted

Product Description:

The T8 is the most popular choice for fluorescent tube replacement. Even color temperature combined with low wattages make the LEDT8 a high quality light with very low operating costs. The LED T8 is a perfect choicefor commercial facilities in search of a lighting improvement and a short period. High quality LED driver chips can be specially tuned to optimally display skin tones, artwork, furniture, hair color, page texts, computer screens, blackboards, and much more. No matter what you are lighting, its color can be improved with LED T8 tubes.
















Technical Details:

  • Traditional Lighting Equivalents: T5, T8, T12 fluorescent tubes

  • Typical Applications: drop ceiling and surface mount fluorescent fixtures, under cabinet, and up lighting

  • Installation: ballast bypass (rewire) required

  • Lumen Outputs: 1500 lm.

  • Dimming Optional

  • Tube Rotatable Optional

  • Wattages: 10 watts (24"), 14 watts (36"), 18 watts (48"), 24 watts (60"), 30 watts (72"), 36 watts (96")

  • Color Temperatures: 3000K (warm natural white), 4000K (bright natural white), 5000K (daylight white), 6000K (bright white)