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About Us

SkyOn Lighting, like so many great innovations, is a child of necessity. Our sister companies, Home Technologies and Sound Approach, have built a 40 year business in the mid to high end home audio/video retail and installation business. Lighting design, customization, and control have been part of our world for years, but it was always just a part…until LED technology reached maturity. Once we became aware of the quality and economics of lighting class LEDs, we knew there was a tidal wave coming. Remember tube televisions? We lived the plasma/LCD revolution and are sure that LED lighting is going to follow the same path. Soon enough, traditional incandescent lights will go the way of the tube television; LEDs will be adopted the way plasma and LCD television have been.

SkyOn Lighting was created to bring this LED lighting revolution to the masses. We’ve worked tirelessly to couple a new world understanding of LED technology with our 40 years consumer experience to bring you an unrivaled amount of clear and useful information. We understand the technical ins and outs, but we also have the historical prospective to bring you that knowledge in a language you can understand. Contact Us today to find out exactly how LEDs will improve your lighting while saving you thousands of dollars.

Business Summary:

SkyOn Lighting is a high efficiency lighting retrofit and retail business focused on LED lighting technology. Our business in based on in person sales as well as e-commerce and manufacturing. The SkyOn sales approach uses a combination of the two greatest benefits of LED lighting: quality of light (CRI: Color Rendering Index) and reduced lighting costs (ROI: Return on Investment). We call this The CRI and ROI Approach. All of our products combine beautiful light with short payback periods. LEDs from SkyOn Lighting truly are the best of both worlds.

We believe the CRI and ROI Approach is the most effective method for finding solutions for our clients’ unique lighting needs. Contact Us today to find out how LED lighting can improve the world around you.

Mission Statement:

At SkyOn Lighting, our mission is to provide our clients with high quality, high efficiency LED lighting solutions tailored to their specific needs. All solutions we propose will offer an increase in lighting quality, and a short payback period.

In order to assure we are providing our clients with best lighting for their specific needs, we strive to stay up-to-date with the most current lighting information and technology. This information is used to evaluate the quality of our products, as well as the needs of our clients. We will only recommend lighting solutions that we feel will meet or exceed our clients’ demand for lighting quality and return on investment.

Vision Statement:

The SkyOn Lighting vision is to become the world’s leading LED lighting supplier through an unrivaled combination of lighting quality and reduced lighting costs.