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The benefits of upgrading commercial lighting to LEDs go well beyond the enormous costs savings yielded by LEDs. No matter what your core business, upgrading your lighting to LEDs can prove very real fringe benefits. Consider the simple scenarios below:

  • An office upgrades all its fluorescent tubes to high quality LED troffers, and productivity quickly increases. Why? LEDs greatly reduce eye strain and make texts much easier to read. Not only will this office save thousands in lighting costs, but they will see very real benefits in workplace performance.

  • A parking facility upgrades its yellow, energy sucking, sodium lighting to high efficiency, bright white LEDs and suddenly sees a jump in business. Why? When a parking lot is brighter, it appears much safer and inviting to would-be customers. Energy savings and increased business make upgrading to LEDs extremely beneficial to any parking facility.

  • A grocery store upgrades its track lighting to LED spots and notices fresh fruits and vegetables are lasting longer on the shelves. Why? LEDs do not put out any UV (ultraviolet) or IR (infrared) light which inhibits the growth of mold and food decay. Many grocers who upgrade to LED lighting report a one to two day increase in the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • A senior living facility upgrades its general illumination and reading lights to LEDs that are the perfect color temperature for their residents and notices that the residents are less restless at night. Why? LEDs with a perfect, natural color temperature have shown to improve biorhythms and help calm the sleep/wake cycle. Residents will enjoy much less fatigued eyes during the day and much more natural sleep at night.

Reduced lighting costs are only part of the great benefits of upgrading your lighting to high quality LEDs. At SkyOn Lighting, we specialize in tailoring lighting solutions to our clients’ specific needs. We can provide a full service lighting design, as well as a money savings and benefits summary that will outline all costs, benefits, and improvements of an LED upgrade. Please contact us today, we would love the opportunity to evaluate and upgrade your commercial lighting.