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Is it possible to save thousands on lighting and improve it at the same time? With high quality LED lights from SkyOn Lighting, it is very possible. Low quality LEDs are blue and harsh, our high quality LED lights have a pleasing, natural color, and they are ready to improve everything their light touches. Colors appear warmer and brighter, text is easier to read, and eyes are less strained. All while energy costs are reduced by up to 80%.

Upgrading your lights to LEDs is simple, quick, and extremely cost effective.

When you upgrade your lights to LEDs you’ll enjoy:

  • Bulbs that will last almost 20 years in most environments
  • Up to an 80% reduction in electrical cost
  • A “Payback Point” as soon as 1 year
  • A warmer, more pleasant atmosphere that can reduce eye strain, improve sleep cycles, and increase productivity.

At SkyOn Lighting, we believe in the power of LED lighting. Their economic and environmental benefits are very real; they will improve the feel of your home or office while reducing costs and quickly paying for themselves.


LEDs are the lights of the future - let SkyOn Lighting bring the future to you now.

LED Lighting for the Living Room
LED Lighting for the Office