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SkyOn Lighting offers many unique LED solutions for residential lighting. Our high quality LEDs are fully dimmable and can be used in a variety of fixtures, including: recessed cans, chandeliers, reading lamps, pendants, and tracks. We also offer under cabinet LEDs that that provide excellent task lighting. All residential LEDs from SkyOn Lighting provide:

  • Excellent color quality which will reduce eye strain and fatigue

  • Greatly reduced energy and bulb costs that will pay for the upgrade in just a few years

  • A lifetime of more than 15 years in most applications

  • Full dimming capability

  • No mercury or lead which make LEDs a truly green product

At SkyOn Lighting, we specialize in tailoring lighting solutions to our customers’ specific needs. We can provide a full service lighting design and money savings summary that will outline all costs, benefits, and improvements. Please contact us today, we would love the opportunity to evaluate and upgrade your residential lighting!